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Welcome to IZIE – The Go-To Mens HQ!

This is our second edition of our Celebrity Interview, in which we ask various Sports stars, TV Personalities & Celebrities various questions about fashion and style.

For our next edition, we spoke to Warren Phillips. Warren was a predominant character on ITV2’s Survival Of The Fittest, and left the show gaining huge popularity and a large fan base. Warren has modelled and influenced for various brands, and his interview is below!


Q1. Would you rather have a night out or a night in?


Q2. Do you prefer Watches or Bracelets?


Q3. What’s the one piece of jewellery or an accessory that you couldnt go without?


Q4. What’s your Aftershave of choice?


Q5. Favourite song at the minute?


Q6. Suited and Booted, or relaxed and snug?


Q7. Do you have a motto or a quote that you live by?


Q8. Beard of Clean Shaven?


Q9. If you could have any car for the day – what would you choose?


Q10. What are the three things you couldn’t live without?


Big thanks to Warren for answering our questions, and you can follow him on instagram at @WarrenPhillips


Our next interview will be released next Saturday and features someone in the world of Sky Sports Boxing – not to be missed!